I'm Bungle. He/Him/They?/Them?
Pride month had me soul searching, masculine and neutral are fine.

I'm a ghost (and sometimes a cat, disgusting).
For some reason ghosts are inherently funny to me
just the idea that you'd end up in the after life
hobnobbing with all the boyz that went up the river
and decide nah fam this ain't for me imma go hang
out in my old digs and be mad about my dad or whatever.

Think goofin on ghosts also just helps me come to terms.
with the fact that I will one day cease being.

I'm a lot of things: programmer, fibre artist, photographer, cook.
This place has just kinda sat around because I am a giant sad sack that loves doing nothing(currently working on it with a counselor).
I want to actually do stuff here, post blogs and art type things,
so watch this space. There will be things eventually.